Amy Walsh Team
Branding | Web Design
Design a logo, multi-page website and marketing material for a real estate team.

How do you give the user all the information they need without overwhelming them? The site needs to offer a breadth of knowledge that is easily navigable so that prospective clients can source what they need when they need it.

The Amy Walsh Team delivers results-driven real estate. Building a brand that embodies the success of their business, I used a fresh logo, colour palette, and web design to let this real estate team get straight to work.
Designing a home page that acts as a table of contents, users can easily identify where on the site they need to go. Keeping pages focused on the content category assigned to them allows for quick and easy navigation, while a consistent contact footer promotes engagement.
Wireframe sketches helped determine content categories and flow of information before working digitally.
Brought sketches into Adobe XD using custom components to serve as placeholders for content in later stages of the design process.
Building off of the components built in XD, I populated content boxes with site assets for a realistic representation of the finished website.
Multiple weights of the brand font create visual distinction while maintaining cohesion.
Brand palette embodies the trustworthy and professional spirit of the team while offering of punch of colour to highlight a fresh, contemporary feel.
The logo utilizes the letters "AW" to mark the client initials. The "W" reads as both the initial for Walsh and a line-chart graphic associated with success, echoing the brand message of "Realtors with results".
Tri-fold brochure design completed in InDesign. The pamphlet includes contact information for the agent, using photos to highlight the home's best features.
Market watch flyers keep prospective buyers and sellers aware of neighbourhood analytics, while direct mail postcards prove the team's success rate.