Design System | Social Strategy
Develop a design system for Lonsdale architectural firm.

How do you establish brand elements that seamlessly extend to classic and modern designs? The branding for Lonsdale needed to suit both modern construction and architecturally restored properties.

Anchored by a typeface with architectural elements, the Lonsdale brand embraces the rectangular form. In keeping with the push for versatility, the brand palette provides classic warmth balanced by vivid saturation to keep it fresh and modern.
Process work establishes content categories for social media and the visual direction for brand typography.
Lonsdale's wordmark was created using two typefaces that highlight rectangular letter forms, indicative of the vertical height of a building.
Rich mahogany and a dark smoke balance the fresh, innovative and bold oranges of the Lonsdale palette.
Social strategy for the brand involves using Instagram to promote architectural projects and inspiration.
Channel cadence demonstrates social post pacing, establishing different content categories to keep Lonsdale's feed consistent and diverse through daily and weekly posts. The image treatment on all photos creates a subtle unifying filter to ensure every image fits the brand colour story.
Stationery set demonstrates the application of a consistent design system across different print formats.

Title clip for intro/outro videos on social posts and Youtube content.