Travel Ontario
Branding | Advertising

Assuming international travel takes years to become safe, create an advertising campaign for the government of Ontario to promote travel within the province.

With post-pandemic tourism, who will be the most likely to take a road trip and where would they want to go? How do you create the experience of international travel in your home province? What features of surrounding cities and townships offer an element of desirability for the residents of Ontario?

Targeting young families and urban professionals, Travel Ontario promotes local discovery by car. The safety and control of your own vehicle allows Ontarians to chart their own path, offering suggestions for urban, rural, and lakeside getaways. From tree-lined highways to sand dunes on the lake, Travel Ontario creates a local wanderlust, ideating destination-style travel in your own backyard.

After exploring concepts related to a tourism bubble and vehicular travel, I selected the car as a key symbol to evoke the excitement of domestic travel and leisure.
Using both O's of Ontario as forward moving wheels, this graphic suggests the best way to travel Ontario is by car. The large tracking applied to the word "travel" implies that there are widespread areas of the province to discover.
Minion Variable Concept mimics the body copy of a novel, evoking the discovery and adventure of authoring your own story through travel. Arial Narrow with heavy tracking provides a clean companion that allows Minion Variable Concept to shine.
Posters identify a region and an incentive to explore. Using verbs strategically to strike a chord with a population that has been kept inside their own homes for an extended amount of time.